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Zakłady Chemiczne „SIARKOPOL” Tarnobrzeg sp. z o.o. ( SIARKOPOL Tarnobrzeg Chemical Plants, Ltd. ) is a company which specialises in the production of high-quality mineral fertilizers, sulphur-based suspension fertilizers and packaged sulphur.

We provide services related to the distribution of electrical energy, natural gas and potable water, as well as sewage disposal.

We also provide specialist laboratory services.

We are an innovative, dynamic company which constantly adapts its production to the client’s needs and requirements through the improvement of produced goods and the expansion of their range.

The SIARKOPOL brand fertilizers, such as: Tarnogran, Unifoska, Wap Mag, Superfosfat, Wigor and Siarczan Magnezu (magnesium sulphate), are widely recognised and used by Polish farmers, including those involved in ecological cultivation.

Packaged sulphur is delivered to renowned companies operating in the chemical, rubber, cellulose and pharmaceutical industries which value our products extremely highly, and cooperate with us regularly.

From its very establishment, Zakłady Chemiczne „SIARKOPOL”” Tarnobrzeg sp. z o.o. has particularly focused on the top quality of its goods and services, and efficient customer service.

Our efforts and commitment are also reflected by the many awards and commendations which have been received by our goods at various fairs, exhibitions and competitions.

Our care for the quality of goods and the welfare of our clients is confirmed with the Quality System and Environmental Management Certificate, issued by Bureau Veritasin, which is in accordance with the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards.

ZCh Siarkopol ISO 9001 EN ZCh Siarkopol ISO 14001 EN

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