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Simple Granulated Superhosphate contains 19% phosphorus (P2O5) soluble in neutral ammonium citrate, 93% water-soluble phosphorus pentoxide, 20% water-soluble calcium (CaO) and 32% total sulfur (SO3).
The fertilizer contains sulfur necessary for the construction of protein and calcium, which prevents certain physiological diseases (associated with a deficiency of this element). It gives good results in the fertilization of meadows and pastures and permanent crops.


Simple Granulated Superhosphate is a traditional, phosphoric mineral fertilizer. Suitable for use in all plants and field crops on all types of soil, regardless of their mechanical composition.

Principles of application

Simple Granulated Superhosphate is a planting fertilizer. It is recommended to mix it with the soil to a depth of 15-20 cm. In grasslands and permanent crops, it remains on the surface uncovered with soil and its components are gradually moved into the soil with rainwater.

Cultivated plants Fertilizer doses
depending on phosphorus contents in the soil (kg/ha)
spring crops 210-350
winter crops 250-390
rape 300-400
beets 350-450
potatoes 180-300
corn 300-450
legumes 200-300
herbage 200-350
grasslands 200-300