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TARNOGRAN is a compound fertilizer containing 12% of phosphorus (P2O5) soluble in mineral acids, 23% of potassium (K2O) in the form of potassium salt, 6% of calcium (CaO), 4% of magnesium (MgO) in the form of magnesium sulphate, 10% of sulfur in the sulphate form (SO3).
The fertilizer includes chemical compounds with various rates of release to the soil. This enables the  plants to use the components released from the granules throughout the growing season. The magnesium contained in the fertilizer in the sulphate form contributes to a better utilization of other nutrients.
Suitable for application on all soils, especially soils with a reduced pH.



The fertilizer may be applied to all crops, especially cereals, rapeseed, sugar beets, corn, legumes, small-seeded papilionaceous plants and grasslands.

Principles of application

The fertilizer should be applied  as early as possible before sowing and mixed thoroughly with the soil during the pre-sowing agricultural practices.  In determining the dose of the fertilizer, we should take into account the preceding crop, the abundance of the soil in phosphorus and potassium and plant demand for nutrients at different stages of development.

Cultivated plants Depending on the content of phosphorus and potassium in the soil [kg/ha]
sugarbeets 400-600
winter rape 250-550
corn 300-800
winter cereals 200-500
grasslands 200-500