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Nitrogen - the starting dose of nitrogen ensures the proper growth of the plant.
Phosphorus  - is present in the fertilizer in forms with various release rates.
Potassium - The basic yield-enhancing component in corn fertilization, present in the granule with magnesium sulphate, it is available throughout the vegetation period.
Magnesium - Particularly important in the case of corn, present in easily absorbed sulphate form (2%).
Sulphur - easily accessible sulphur in the sulphate form increases the yield-enhancing effect of nitrogen, improves the quality of the feed (green fodder, silage, grain), guarantees the good supply of micro-nutrients.



TARNOGRAN 21 is a universal fertilizer containing an optimal set of nutrients. It is designed primarily to fertilize corn and winter cereals, beets, legumes, potatoes and fruit trees.


Principles of application

The fertilizer should be applied to soils with a pH ranging from neutral to acidic. It should be mixed with the soil to the depth of 10-15 cm.

Cultivated plants Depending on the content of phosphorus and potassium in the soil  [kg/ha]
corn 500-800
sugar beets and fodder beets 550-900
winter cereals 300-500
spring cereals 350-550
potatoes 400-600
rape 450-650
fruit trees and  bushes 350-600