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TARNOGRAN 25 is a compound fertilizer containing 5% of nitrogen (N) in the ammonium form, 10% of phosphorus (P2O5) soluble in mineral acids, 25% of potassium (K2O) in the form of potassium salt, 4% of calcium (CaO), 3% of magnesium in the form of magnesium sulphate, 16% of sulphur (SO3) in the sulphate form.
It contains nutrients in forms easily absorbed by the plants. The granular form of the fertilizer facilitates the even spreading and results in the systematic release of the nutrients.


TARNOGRAN 25 is a universal granular compound inorganic fertilizer intended for the fertilization of: beets, corn, rapeseed, cereals, potatoes, grasslands and all other crops with a high demand for potassium.

Principles of application

TARNOGRAN 25 should be applied prior to sowing both in the spring and in the fall. After sowing it should be mixed with the soil to the depth of 10-15 cm. It can also be sown in rows, during the planting of crops, at a distance of 10 cm from the plant. In the case of sowing in rows or after the prior application of manure, the fertilizer dose should be decreased by 30%.

Cultivated plants Depending on the content of potassium in the soil  [kg/ha]
beets 300 - 800
corn 300 - 800
winter rape 300 - 500
winter and spring  cereals 250 - 450
fodder and industrial potatoes 250 - 750
grassland 200 - 500
legumes 250 - 500