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The fertilizer contains 3,3% of ammonium nitrogen and 5,7% of amide (urea) nitrogen9% of phosphorus (P2O5) in the phosphate form, including 5% as monocalcium phosphate, 17% of potassium (K2O), including 8,5% in the form of potassium sulfate and 8,5% in the form of potassium chloride, 2% of magnesium (MgO) in the form of magnesium sulfate, 5% of calcium (CaO) and 19% of sulphur (SO3) soluble in water.

Thanks to the presence of all the essential macro-nutrients TARNOGRAN 9:

  • Provides the optimum utilization of nitrogen (includes ammonium nitrogen and urea nitrogen and the appropriate amount of sulphur)
  • Contributes to the good germination of potatoes and the health of the tubers (reduced content of chlorides in the fertilizer) and the combination of the sulphate forms of potassium and magnesium in the fertilizer used for potatoes, has a great effect on yield size and the quality of potato tubers.
  • It also has a beneficial effect on the size and coloring of the fruit, gives them aroma and reduces the accumulation of nitrates (magnesium sulfate).

TARNOGRAN 9 is a specialized fertilizer intended for the fertilization of potatoes (especially edible), beets, corn, spring cereals, grasslands and vegetables, fruit trees and bushes.

Principles of application

The fertilizer should be applied in the spring, spread before preparation of the crops (plowing, rotary tillage, harrowing) so that it mixes with the soil to a depth of 10-15 cm. This fertilizer is intended for application to light and medium soils and soils with low contents of potassium and average contents of phosphorus .



The given doses are approximate and it is advised to adjust them to the size of the expected yield and the demand of the crop.

Cultivated plants
Depending on the content of potassium in the soil [kg/ha]
high average low
beets without manure 500 600 700
edible potatoes without manure 600 700 800
corn 550 655 750
spring cereals    350 450 550
grasslands 400 500 600
fruit trees and  bushes 550 650 750