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TARNOGRAN R with Boron contains 3% nitrogen (N) in the ammonium form, 9% phosphorus (P₂O₅) soluble in mineral acids, 5% phosphorus (P₂O₅) soluble in neutral ammonium citrate and water, 2.5% water-soluble phosphorus (P₂O₅), 19% water-soluble potassium (K₂O), 5% water-soluble calcium (CaO), 3% water-soluble magnesium oxide (MgO), 21% water-soluble sulfur (SO₃) and 0,2% of boron (B).

The starting dose of nitrogen provides the correct initial plant growth.
Phosphorus in the fertilizer is both in the fast- and slow-acting forms.
Potassium in the form soluble in potassium salt, bound in the granules with magnesium sulfate, is released slowly, thus providing good plant nutrition in subsequent stages of development.
Calcium is an important nutrient for crops, mainly oilseeds and pulses.
Magnesium present in the fertilizer in the sulphate form is an easily accessible source of the component for every crop.
Sulfur in a large amount has the form of a sulphate and is available to the plant throughout the growing period.
Boron is involved in the processes of plants' flowering or budding.



TARNOGRAN R with Boron is a compound mineral fertilizer intended for fertilizing rape, white mustard, cabbage and legumes, as well as root crops with the addition of the required dose of nitrogen. The chemical composition and forms of components in the fertilizer ensure good nutrition of plants throughout the growing season. It is recommended for a wide range of crops that, apart from phosphorus and sulfur, also require potassium, calcium and magnesium.

Principles of application

The fertilizer can be applied in soil with a pH from neutral to acidic, both directly onto the soil surface (broadcasting) and in rows or into the soil.

Cultivated plants Fertilizer doses
Depending on the P and K reserves in soil [kg/ha]
oilseed rape 200-700
broad bean, white lupine, yellow lupine, blue lupine 200-700