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WAP MAG contains 28% of calcium (CaO), in the sulphate and carbonate form, 16% of magnesium (MgO) in the sulphate. The varied solubility of the forms of components present in the fertilizer is conducive to the systematic release of the components  from the granule throughout the period of plant vegetation.

Calcium - ensures the good rooting of the plant, favorable conditions for absorbing other nutrients, better health of the crops. The carbonate form of calcium additionally locally deacidifies the soil.

Magnesium - provides high protein content in the grain and the fodder, effective absorbtion and processing of the nitrogen into the yield, high sugar content in the roots (with a simultaneous decrease of undesirable melassogenic compounds), high fat content in the seeds of legumes and oilseeds, better health of the cultivated plants and improves the baking value of milling wheat grains.


The Wap Mag fertilizer is designed for use on mineral and organic soils with a very acidic, acidic and slightly acidic pH in all agricultural crops on arable land and permanent grassland. Due to the high magnesium content, it should be primarily used on soils with low and very low magnesium.

Principles of application

For winter crops on arable land, fertilizer should be used for medium plowing. In the case of spring plants, or planting for winter or spring plowing.
In other cases it is advisable to mix the fertilizer with soil to a depth of 15 cm. In grassland, the fertilizer should be applied in accordance with the principles of soil fertilization in the spring before or at the beginning of vegetation and after swaths or pasturage. Fertilizer should be spread evenly over the entire surface of the field in such a way as to prevent fertilization of fields and crops not intended for this purpose. Do not use higher doses than recommended.



Depending on the crop and magnesium availability in the soil, the fertilizer is used in doses of 20 to 60 kg MgO/ha, which makes 130-480 kg of fertilizer per hectare. The fertilizer can be used alone or in a mixture with other granulated fertilizers.