Material Safety Data Sheet
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GARDEN 2001 for conifers contains: 5% of nitrogen (N) in the ammonium form, 9% of phosphorus (P₂O₅) soluble in mineral acids, 5% of phosphorus (P₂O₅) soluble in neutral ammonium citrate solu-tion and in water, 2.5% of phosphorus (P₂O₅) soluble in water, 12% of potassium (K₂O) soluble in water, 5% of calcium (CaO) soluble in water, 4% of total magnesium (MgO), 30% of sulphur (SO₃) soluble in water and micro-nutrients:  0.02% of boron (B), 0.02% of copper (Cu), 0.8% of iron (Fe) and 0.02% of zinc (Zn).

GARDEN 2001 for conifers:

  • is an acidic fertilizer,
  • contains a complete set of macro-nutrients and micro-nutrients,  
  • prevents needle browning,
  • ensures optimum growth and proper coloring of the plants,
  • improves winter hardiness,
  • fertilizer granulation and the suitable form of the included ingredients ensure long-lasting effects.

Mineral ingredients necessary for the proper growth of conifers:

  • Nitrogen - affects the growth and development of conifers, intensifies the formation of new growth, increases the needle chlorophyll content and determines the dark green color.
  • Phosphorus - is particularly important in the early stages of growth, it stimulates the development of the root system and has a positive effect on the water management of the plant.
  • Potassium  - has a positive effect on the course of photosynthesis and the chlorophyll content.  It also increases the cell-wall thickness of conifers and therefore their resistance to disease and pests, as well as resistance to drought and frost.
  • Magnesium  - it is a component of chlorophyll, which increases the intensity of the green color of conifers.
  • Micro-nutrients (boron, copper, iron, zinc) - support photosynthesis, have a positive effect on the growth and appearance of conifers.



The fertilizer is intended for the fertilization of the majority of coniferous trees and shrubs, and especially: firs, pines, spruces, larches, yews, cypresses, thujas, junipers, heathers, heaths and rhododendrons.

Principles of application

GARDEN 2001 for conifers should be applied in a total dosage of 40-60 g/m², twice during the sea-son, i.e. in the early spring (1/2 of the dosage) before the start of the vegetation period (in March or April) and in the summer, spreading the fertilizer in a radius slightly greater than the tree crown. Conifers planted in containers of any kind should be supplied with 5-7 grams of the fertilizer for medium-sized plants (3-5 liter containers). Most conifers react very well to mulching. The area around the plant is most commonly mulched with a several-centimeter thick layer of composted bark of coniferous trees, sawdust, brown coal, and less frequently with gravel. This treatment reduces the growth of weeds around the plants, and also reduces water evaporation and improves the structure of the soil. It also protects the roots from the effects of frost.