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Dolomite contains:
Total magnesium oxide (MgO) + total calcium oxide (CaO),% (m/m)    Min. 45%
Including: total magnesium oxide (MgO), % (m/m)    Min. 15%

Applying DOLOMITE:

  • eliminates soil acidity,
  • improves soil structure (lumpiness),
  • acts as a "starter" to release the nutrients in the soil,
  • fully satisfies the plants' need for calcium and magnesium,
  • improves growth, vigor and plant health and increases their yield,
  • facilitates the movement of minerals in the plant, stimulates the development of the root system,
  • improves the decay of the remains of straw and manure, forming humus
  • increases the resistance of plants to frost during winter,
  • prevents physiological diseases associated with calcium deficiency (bitter pit of apples, dry rot of tomatoes).




Dolomite is a popular fertilizer intended for use in crops of vegetables, fruit and ornamental plants, particularly in highly acidic, acidic and slightly acidic soil, with low magnesium and calcium content. The fertilizer effectively gives soil an optimal pH, neutralizing the soil's acidity. In addition to its deacidifying effect, Dolomite is a valuable fertilizer containing calcium and magnesium at levels that guarantee the production of healthy food.

Principles of application

DOLOMITE can be used in the summer, the autumn after the harvest (optimal times) or spring under pre-sowing cultivation (permissible time), preferably 3-4 weeks before sowing or planting and before the use of other fertilizers. After sowing, the fertilizer should be mixed with soil to a depth of approx. 20 cm. For the liquidation of soil acidity, DOLOMITE fertilization should be repeated at intervals of 2-3 years.


Fertilizer doses t/ha, depending on soil type:

Cultivated plants Doses of fertilizers (t/ha)
very light soil 1-2
light soil 2-3
average soil 3-4
heavy soil 4-5

After mixing with the soil, nutrients contained in the fertilizer will be released gradually during the growing season, without the risk of rapid washout beyond the reach of the root system.