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Magnesium sulphate with microelements comprises 23% magnesium oxide (MgO), 16% of which is water-soluble magnesium oxide (MgO), 33% water-soluble sulphur (SO₃) and trace elements: 0.1% boron(B) and 0.02% zinc (Zn).




Magnesium sulphate with microelements MgS 23-33 with B, Zn is used to fertilize all crops. Due to the content of well-digestible forms of magnesium and sulphur, it can also be used for top dressing.

Principles of application

The fertilizer should be mixed with soil during spring or autumn cultivation, it can also be used on the surface, preferably before expected rainfall.


Depending on the crop and the magnesium content available in the soil, the fertilizer should be used in doses from 80-200 kg.

Cultivated plants Doses [kg/ha]
rape 180-200
corn 160-190
beets 170-190
fodder and industrial potatoes 140-170
legumes 150-180
spring crops 100-130
grasslands 80-100
fruit trees and shrubs 100-120
head cabbage, brussels sprout and red cabbage 180-200
Chinese cabbage, cauliflower, tomato, peas, broccoli 170-190
Leek, beetroot 160-180
cucumber 150-180
green beans, carrots 150-170
Kohlrabi, chicory, asparagus, radish, onion, parsley 140-160