About our firm


was established in a consequence of the structural reorganisation of „Siarkopol” Sulphur Mines and Processing Plants, which had been not long ago one of the leading world producers and exporters of sulphur.

Our products are famous for their quality in the markets of mineral fertilisers, commercial grades of sulphur.

We would like to emphasise our flexibility and willingness to meet all requirements and needs of our clients.

Owing to our efforts and co-operation with well-known research institutes are yielding good results in a from of new products in our offer (new formulas of fertilisers)

The processes production and delivery of our products are realised in compliance with the certified Management System according to ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 .




Mineral fertilisers

We offer a wide range of mineral fertlisers, prctically for all types of cultivated plants.
Our fertilisers are produced on the basis of high quality raw minerals, which comply with the requirements of the most rigorous European standards considering a content of contaminants.

Fertilisers for agriculture:

Powdery fertilisers img_12
Powdery single superphosphate P18
Granulated fertilisers:
Granulated single superphosphate P19
UNIFOSKA 01 NPK(CaS) 8,5-8,5-8,5-(11-15)
UNIFOSKA 02 NPK(CaS) 4-12-12-(12,5-12)
Potafoska with magnesium PK(CaMgs) 13-13-(11-4-9)
Wap Mag CaMg 28-16
Wap Mag with micronutrients CaMg 28-16 + B, Cu, Mo, Zn
Wigor S S90
TARNOGRAN PK(CaMgS) 12-23-(6-4-4)
TARNOGRAN R NPK (CaMgS) 3-9-19-(5-3-21)

Horticultural fertilisers :
OGROD 2001 NPK(Mg) 9,3-5-9,3-(3) + B, Cu, Fe, Mn, Mo, Zn
BONTAR NPK(CaMgS) 3-9-15-(5-4-12)



  • granulated - fertilizer and chemical industry, production of sulphuric acid, carbon disulfide, thiosulfate and sulfate; artificial fibre industry, production of dye, weedkillers paper;
  • powder - rubber, cellulose, matches, pharmaceutical and oil industry, artificial fibre industry, production of dye, weedkillers, paper;
  • milled oiled - rubber industry.