Quality Policy

Key Aims of the Quality Policy are:

Basic principles of the Quality Policy for  “Siarkopol” TARNOBRZEG CHEMICAL PLANTS, Ltd. are:

  • to meet all requirements and needs of the customers while at the same time maintaining the quality of the products and service at least at the level offered by competitors,
  • continuous improvement in the effective functioning of the Chemical Plants Management System according to PN-EN ISO 9001:2009 and PN-EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005.

Key Aims of the Quality Policy are:

  • recognizing and satisfying needs and requirements of the customers,
  • improvement of the buying process to exclude deliveries not meeting our requirements,
  • improvement of the technological processes to reduce production costs per unit,
  • carrying out of processes in a consistent way to reduce the amount of products not complying with the requirements,
  • regular improvement of staff qualifications,
  • running industrial activity safe for the staff and friendly for the environment.

Environmental policy

Taking care of our surroundings..

The basic principles of the Environmental Policy of “Siarkopol” TARNOBRZEG CHEMICAL PLANTS, Ltd. are:

  • obeying the laws in force and environmental norms,
  • undertaking activities restricting the scope of influence on the environment,
  • constant improvement of the Environmental Management System.

The aims of the Environmental Policy are as follows:

  • implementation of possibly the widest range of techniques and process engineering methods limiting the scope of environment use,
  • optimization of raw materials and energy carriers utilization rates during the production processes,
  • limiting the possibility of causing damages to the environment by preventing serious industrial breakdowns and limiting the effects of existing breakdowns,
  • monitoring the influence of the company on the environment,
  • raising the environmental awareness of the staff,
  • perfecting communication and flow of information rules between the company and interested parties.


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