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WIGOR S is a granular fertilizer containing 90% of sulphur. Due to its swelling properties on contact with water, the bentonite contained in the fertilizer [pH> 7] causes the fragmentation of the sulphur. The sulphur molecules in the soil are oxidized by microorganisms to the sulphate form which is absorbable by plants. The effect of the increase of sulphates in the soil occurs after only seven days from the application of the fertilizer and the further systematic activation of the sulphur provides an adequate supply of this element during the whole vegetation period.

Functions of sulphur in the development of plants:

  • it is essential in the synthesis of proteins,
  • helps in reducing the proportion of non-protein nitrogen forms in the plant (i.a. nitrates), 
  • enhances the taste and smell of plants (onion, garlic),
  • increases the resistance of crops to diseases and pests as well as frost and drought.

The Wigor S fertilizer is used to fertilize sulfurphilic crops, such as: rape, peas, legumes, brassicas, sugar beet and beetroot, and cereals: wheat, barley and corn on soils deficient in sulfur.

Principles of application

For winter crops on arable land, the fertilizer should be used in plowing and sowing, and in the case of spring plants, for winter or spring plowing.
In other cases it is advisable to mix the fertilizer with soil to a depth of 15 cm. In legume crops, the fertilizer should be applied in accordance with the principles of soil fertilization in the spring before or at the beginning of vegetation. Fertilizer should be spread evenly over the entire surface of the field in such a way as to prevent fertilization of fields and crops not intended for this purpose. Do not use higher doses than recommended.



Depending on the crop and sulfur availability in the soil, the fertilizer is used in doses of 10 to 45 kg S/ha, which makes 11-50 kg of fertilizer per hectare. The fertilizer can be used alone or in a mixture with other granulated fertilizers.


Cultivated plants Dosing [kg/ha]
winter rape 20-40
cruciferous plants (cabbages) 10-40
corn 15-20
radish 35-40
wheat 15-20
barley 10-15
sugar beet 30-35
carrot 10-15
alium 10-15
pea 15-20
tomatoes 10-30
alfalfa 15-20
bean 5-10